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Our church dreams about making Vasa a more beautiful place. We believe that every person is loved by God and that it´s a person's human right to get to experience it. That´s why it also is important to us to be able to help wherever we can: through missionary work and projects.

Vår kallelse
Image by Larm Rmah

Go into the whole world

Our church is part of supporting mission projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Image by Kira auf der Heide

We can do more

We want to, with God's help, make Vasa a more beautiful place. Merry Christmas Vasa helps 150-200 families each year to a more wholesome Christmas.


For the next generation

We believe in the next generation and we want to give them the best start they can get. Thereby our independent daycare centre, Manna.


The church owns, together with several other ostrobothnian Pentecostal churches, a campground in the archipelago of Korsholm. The campground has its own beard with representatives from each owner church. Every summer we arrange camp for kids, teens and your at Vassor and the churches can also by theselves arrange for example fail days or other events at the campground. 

Anchor GJV

God Jul Vasa

Our church has arranged 'Merry Christmas Vasa' ever since its inaguration in 2003. The project is very appreciated among the families that we help as well as among the people living in Vasa. Throughout the project we aim to aid 150-200 families each year by gifting them two  groceries bags and Christmas Gifts for the children - gifts they themselves has wished for.  

Anchor Mission


Our missionaries, Janne & Hanna Nyman and Benjamin & Rebecka Nyman, work, among other things, with radio mission to reach out to unreached people. They also run a school in Arusha.

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